Top 10 Small Business Webinars of 2013

Date: December 20, 2013

Looking back on 2013 you'll find a year of gains and losses. From a hurry-up-and-wait healthcare law to the sub-par economic recovery, small business had a lot weighing on their minds and wallets.

1. How Obamacare Impacts the Self-Employed and Small Business

Countdown has begun for the majority of new taxes, mandates and administrative requirements that begin January 2014 under Obamacare. Small businesses are facing lots of questions on exactly how this law will directly and indirectly impact their business. Learn the facts.

2. Healthcare Update on Employer Responsibilities

The Administration has delayed the employer mandate for one year until 2015 but there are still many employer responsibilities left for this year and next year. Learn what the delay means, what you still need to do, and what changes are yet to come.

3. Implementing Healthcare Changes - What You Should Know About Offering Benefits to Employees

As January 2014 nears, healthcare reform approaches. This webinar provides employers with current information addressing the implementation issues they may face helping to shape their decision making process for their employee benefit packages.

4. What YOU Want to Know About Healthcare and Small Business

NFIB's Healthcare Policy Expert, Kevin Kuhlman gives an overview of where we are today with healthcare regulations and shares the findings of NFIB's research into the effects of healthcare on small business.

5. 7 Myths About Selling Your Business

Thinking about selling your business?? You’re not alone. Every year 5 – 10% of businesses are sold or merge with another company. Many myths circulate about selling your business, such as, "I will have to leave the company," "I know what my company is worth," and more. Not knowing the truth can cost you millions of dollars when it comes time to transition out of your company or partner with a financial investor.

6. From Immigration to Overtime: Hot Topics in Labor & Employment Law for Small Business

Get the latest on the following hot topics: (1) Immigration Update – Form I-9 compliance, E-Verify update and handling immigration-related discrimination issues; (2) Labor & Union Update – Find out how the National Labor Relations Act applies to your business and how to avoid NLRB scrutiny; (3) Wage and Hour Myths Debunked – Don’t get caught off-guard with overtime lawsuits and independent contractor claims; (4) Background Checks – Get the latest on new federal and state law screening rules.

7. How to Use Paid Search, Local Search, and Social Media to Attract Customers

This webinar covers three areas of digital marketing: paid search, local search (reputation management), and social media. It provides tactical measures small businesses can take in order to create a strategy that attracts more customers to your businesses and lowers your overall customer acquisition costs. This webinar is full of examples tips you can implement immediately.

8. Top Legal Issues Facing Small Business - From Your Lawyer's Perspective

We will tackle common legal issues that face most small businesses by tracking the life-cycle of a fictional small business. We will start with a potential business owner’s idea and track the legal issues that arise as she sets her business up, begins to operate it, hires people to do some work for her, and eventually plans what to do with it as she prepares to retire, sell the business, or leave it to her heirs.

9. Small Business Tax Outlook

This webinar discusses the fiscal cliff outcome and tax changes for 2013 (including home office deduction and other regulatory changes), key highlights form president’s budget proposal, outlook for tax reform (House and Senate update), NFIB tax priorities, and Q &A with our policy experts.

10. Latest in Employee Background Checks - Avoid Discrimination & Comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act

Do you know how to use background checks in the employment setting? Learn best practices when using background checks during the hiring process – along with what are they typically and why are they used by employers. The webinar will also provide an overview of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), common pitfalls to avoid and legal liability for failure to comply.

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