Study Finds Mobile Technologies Save Small Businesses $67.5 Billion Per Year

Date: May 19, 2014

Survey Also Finds Significant Productivity Increases

The 2014 edition of the AT&T/Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council finds that mobile technologies are increasingly providing significant benefits for small businesses. The survey estimates that small businesses save about $67.5 billion per year by employing smartphones, tablets and mobile apps.  The survey also found significant time savings for small businesses employing mobile technologies. Business owners reported saving 1.24 billion hours by using smartphones, 754.2 million hours by using tablets, and 599.5 million hours by using mobile apps. In addition, The NFIB Research Foundation's 2012 survey shows about 62 percent of small business owners use smartphones.

What This Means For Small Business:

The biggest reported savings was in time, which survey respondents said was plowed back into the business rather than used to create more rest and relaxation. Survey respondents also reported that mobile technology greatly enhances the ability to work remotely, offering new options to small businesses.

Further Reading:

The Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports on the survey.

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