Small Business Bills Work Their Way Through Mississippi House, Senate

Date: February 19, 2014

Here's a look at some of the bills we support in the Mississippi House and Senate. Bold items indicate bills introduced at NFIB's request:

Passed in the House and pending in the Senate:

  • HB382: Agritourism; delete repealer on provisions providing limited liability to person engaged in. Passed 102-13 (assigned to Senate Agriculture).
  • HB521: Patent infringement; prohibit bad faith assertions of. Passed 108-11. 
  • HB611: Create the Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act. Passed 116-0 (assigned to Senate Insurance).
  • HB680: Products liability; include designers in protection. Passed 111-7 (assigned to Senate Judiciary A). This corrects the errors found by governor’s staff that caused a Veto last year; it has been reviewed/approved by the governor’s office legal staff this year.
  • HB799: Taxation; authorize alternate method of apportioning for income tax, revise appellate procedure for appeals. Passed 113-2 (assigned to Senate Finance).
  • HB1020: Duplicate license; prohibit public bodies from requiring licensees to appear in person to receive. Passed 118-0 (assigned to Judiciary A).
  • HB1317: State agency purchasing; require procurement portal to provide information to vendors and include on Transparency Mississippi website. Passed 119-0 (assigned to Senate Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency).
  • HB1328: Small Business & Grocer Investment Act; create to encourage consumption of affordable healthy foods in underserved communities. Passed 117-2 (assigned to Senate Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency).

Passed in the Senate and pending in the House:

  • SB2477: Child care facility licensure by the State Department of Health; provide certain standards and restrictions. Passed 50-1 (assigned to House Public Health).
  • SB2283: Agritourism; delete repealer on sections regulating agritourism. Passed 47-0 (assigned to House Agriculture).
  • SB2487: Taxation; authorize alternate method of apportioning for income tax, revise appellate procedure for the appeals. (Similar to HB799 above.) Passed 46-1 (assigned to House Ways & Means).
  • SB2473: Create the Prohibition Against Employer Intimidation Act. Passed 34-17 (assigned House Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency)
  • SB2653: Labor unions; prohibit mass picketing of a residence or place of 
  • SB2689: Local government; prohibit from limiting background checks by employers. Passed 36-15 (assigned House Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency).
  • SB2797: Create the Mississippi Employment Fairness Act. Passed 33-18 (assigned House Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency).

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