Seibel v. Mittlestedt

Date: August 11, 2011

Supreme Court of California

This malicious prosecution case stems from a complaint filed by Thomas Siebel against two California trial attorneys.  Siebel alleges that the two attorneys filed frivolous employment discrimination claims against him in order to force a settlement.  The attorneys had represented a former employee who sued Siebel for sexual discrimination, fraud and unpaid commissions. NFIB addressed the practical problems caused by frivolous, "shakedown" lawsuits, the value of counter suits as a remedy, and the policy reasons for not setting the bar for malicious prosecution suits so high that it prevents unscrupulous plaintiffs' lawyers from being held accountable.  

Status:  DECIDED.  Amici Curiae brief in support of Siebel filed on 05/20/05. Oral argument heard on 05/02/07. Court ruled in favor of Siebel on 07/16/07.

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