Rhode Island NFIB to Chafee: No More Nibbling Around the Edges

Date: January 15, 2014

Providence (January 15, 2014) – Governor Lincoln Chafee will deliver his annual State of the State Address this evening and Rhode Island small business owners hope that he will use the occasion to chart a new course for a state where unemployment remains unacceptably high and growth is painfully slow.

“Rhode Island needs to jump start its economy and our members would like to hear the Governor set an aggressive pro-growth agenda,” said NFIB State Director Bill Vernon.

At the top of the small business agenda for Rhode Island are the following:

· Reduce unemployment taxes on employers so they can expand, invest and create jobs.

· Abolish the estate tax or raise the threshold so small business owners are no longer encouraged to leave the   state in order to protect their assets from the government.

· Repeal the so-called border taxes, which encourage consumers to spend their money in other states.

· Reform the civil justice system to reduce unnecessary or frivolous lawsuits, which are among the greatest fears of small business owners.

· Continue the good work now being performed on reviewing state regulations with the aim of eliminating those that are duplicative, unsubstantiated by science, overly complicated or just plain silly.  And make it clear to every department head that their cooperation is an administration priority.

“This is a beautiful state with some natural assets but it’s surrounded by bigger competitors,” said Vernon. “Rhode Island should want to be a magnet for investment and a place where taxpayers aren’t made to feel like ATM machines for government.  Only the Governor can steer the wheel and we certainly hope that he sets a new course tonight.”

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