Recent NFIB Maryland Victories

Date: November 16, 2006

Defeated proposal to impose 2% payroll tax to fund government run health care.
A coalition of BIG LABOR and BIG GOVERNMENT activists are pushing a state takeover of healthcare in Maryland. They call their plan “Healthcare for All.” But, it’s small business owners like you who will get stuck paying the bill!  NFIB is leading the charge to stop this plan and prevent a massive payroll tax from being imposed on your small business! This bill did not move forward this year, but proponents and key lawmakers have indicated they will seek the proposal in 2011.

Anticipated savings for small business include:

  • $25,000 payroll = $500 tax increase
  • $50,000 payroll = $1,000 tax increase
  • $100,000 payroll = $2,000 tax increase
  • $200,000 payroll = $4,000 tax increase

Defeated proposal that would require judges to award attorney’s fees to employees who bring wage and hour lawsuits against employers.
The proposal pushed by labor and trial lawyers wanted to create an environment that would make it easier to sue and make money off of small business owners.

Passed a Tax Amnesty Bill for small business owners.
This is a tough time for many small business owners and it is easy to fall behind in tax payments. The legislation establishes a tax amnesty of small business owners who fell behind in the last quarter of 2008.

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