Pa. Reg-Watch --EPA proposal to ban/restrict degreasers, dry cleaning agents and paint

Author: Suzanne Stoltenberg, NFIB Pa. | click to email 717-232-8582 Date: March 18, 2015


EPA Seeks Input for Potential Rule Banning or Restricting the Use of Trichloroethylene (TCE) as a Commercial Degreaser, Spotting Agent in Dry Cleaning, and in Certain Consumer Products for more information click here

EPA Seeks Input for Potential Rule Banning or Restricting the Use of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and Methylene Chloride for Use in Paint and Coating Removal for more information click here

Dental offices; proposed regulation on pre-treating amalgam waste disposed into public water systems

EPA is proposing technology-based pre-treatment standards under the Clean Water Act (CWA) for discharges of pollutants into publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) from existing and new dental practices that discharge dental amalgam. Dental amalgam contains mercury in a highly concentrated form that is relatively easy to collect and recycle. For more information click here.

Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule for Public and Commercial Buildings — Proposed Rule Stage

Following on its problematic Lead: RRP rule covering residential housing, the EPA is poised to expand the rule to cover commercial buildings. While the goal of the rule – protecting people from exposure to lead dust – is laudable, EPA has not yet issued a study or identified data that shows if lead dust from these buildings impact surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, EPA appears intent on adapting its residential rule for commercial buildings. NFIB is concerned about his approach because the residential rule is punitive mostly to companies that try to comply. About 35 percent of small employers, who operate their business outside of their house, own all or part of the building or land on which their business is located. These small businesses face higher costs as well. 

EPA and Army Corps of Engineers propose expansion of authority over small business and landowners: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) recently proposed a rule that will greatly expand its authority over private landowners and small businesses. Even more troubling is the fact that EPA blatantly bypassed critical analysis of the rule’s impact on small businesses – which a clear violation of federal law.  NFIB believes this proposal, which re-defines the term “navigable waters” in the Clean Water Act would allow EPA to regulate the smallest irrigation streams or ponds, adding red tape, restricting business and hurting the economy.  For more information click here: 

Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division – Expansion of Overtime Eligibility – Pre-rule stage 

President Obama recently directed the DOL to revise regulations relating to overtime eligibility, specifically to find ways to expand time-and-a-half pay to more workers. Unfortunately, this will come at the expense of small business owners. Like most government mandates on business, increasing the number of workers eligible for overtime will have a deep and disproportionate impact on the small business sector. The vague detail offered by the administration on what the regulation will look like only increases uncertainty for small businesses, and makes them less likely to add new workers.


IRRC Call for comments -- Auctioneers, final form rules on new fees and education requirements, diciplinary proceedures, sponsorships, etc.  For more information click here

Changes for household goods or property movers related to entry to the marketplace and to increase in insurance requirements: At it's meeting on April 16, 2015 the Independent and Regulatory Review Commission will take up a final form regulations that eliminate the need for new moving companies or property movers to justify the public need for their existence. The final form regulation would also require a higher level of insurance. For more information click here

Changes to the Taxi and Limousine age and/or mileage requirements: At it's meeting on April 16, 2015 the Independent and Regulatory Review Commission will take up a final form regulations that eliminates the vehicle list requirements for taxis and limousines; eliminates the waiver exception for vehicle age limitation for taxis; and replaces the vehicle age limitation for limousines with a mileage requirement. For more information click here

Vote 11/6 by IRRC on Workers' Compensation claim changes in procedures:The amendments will expedite the adjudication of workers compensation claims, increase and unify the options for filing with the Bureau and Board, reduce paperwork requirements among litigants, and reduce expenses for litigants by incorporating technology into workers’ compensation proceedings.Additionally, these amendments aim to correct inefficiencies and diminish costs associated with litigation involving the UGEF. For more information click here

Consumption of malt or brewed beverages on premises: The purpose of this regulation is to clarify the privileges of breweries with regard to on-premises consumption of the malt or brewed beverages (“beer”) produced on the licensed premises. Recent changes to the Liquor Code prompt the need for this regulatory promulgation. The regulation would allow breweries to offer beer it has produced to patrons for on-premises consumption under certain conditions. For more information click here

Automobile and Light-duty Truck Assembly Coating: This proposed regulation applies to businesses that apply a coating to new automobiles or light duty truck bodies, to body parts for those vehicles, or to other parts coated at the same time. It covers the use of 15 pounds or more of coatings or cleaning solvents per day that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Get more information

Surface Coating of Miscellaneous Metal Parts, Plastic Parts and Pleasure Craft Coatings: This proposed regulation includes the manufacture of metal and plastic parts, components or products made entirely or partially of metal or plastic and the use of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) in coatings. Get more information

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