Paid Sick Leave Bill Being Drafted

Date: April 14, 2014

Employees could opt out, but not employers

As the Colorado Legislature winds down its 2014 session, a bill is hurriedly being drafted that would establish a paid sick leave law.

“It’s only in draft form,” said NFIB/Colorado State Director Tony Gagliardi, “but we need to be prepared to fight its passage at every stage it makes it to.”

If passed into law, the measure, authored by Sen. Jessie Ulibarri and Rep. Joseph Salazar, would force employers to become agents of the state of Colorado. The bill would establish a state-run, sick-leave fund. All employees would be required to participate unless they opt out of the plan. 

Employers, however, could not opt out and would be required to deduct an employee’s applicable contribution and forward to the state fund. Employers would face fines and penalties for any attempt to dissuade any employee from participating. 

NFIB/Colorado will oppose the legislation, because of the per cost hour to the employer for record keeping and administration. 

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