Norwood v. Gamble, et al.

Date: August 11, 2011

Ohio Supreme Court VICTORY!

The city of Norwood wanted to turn private properties over to a developer who plans on building chain stores, a condominium development and an office complex.  When property owners refused to sell to a developer, the developer sought out the city’s assistance and had the city declare that the locality he wanted was “deteriorating.” With this new “deteriorating” label, the city of Norwood was then able to transfer the title of the property to the developer.  NFIB filed a brief in support of the property owners’ private property rights.

Status: DECIDED. Amicus brief filed on behalf of Gamble et al. on 11/09/05.  Oral argument held 01/11/06. Court ruled in favor of Gamble and other property owners on 07/26/06.

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