NFIB/Wisconsin Opposes Costly Energy Mandates

Author: Deanna Esser Date: August 16, 2010

ISSUE OVERVIEW: The Legislature is considering a proposal that would create renewable energy mandates, impose California-style vehicle emission standards, require higher energy efficiency standards in building codes and restrict engine idling of freight trucks. 
The legislation (Assembly Bill 649 and Senate Bill 450) would implement the recommendations of Gov. Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force, ostensibly for the purpose of mitigating climate change and boosting the state’s green economy.
Although small business owners support policies that would address the energy needs of Wisconsin, NFIB believes that this legislation would dramatically increase the cost of energy, discourage job creation, stall economic growth and jeopardize Wisconsin’s economic recovery.
NFIB opposes passage of Assembly Bill 649 and Senate Bill 450.

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