NFIB/Kansas 2013 Legislative Victories

Author: R Stell Date: June 19, 2013

  • Taxes: In 2012, NFIB won support for small business income tax reductions. Income taxes were simplified and reduced for all individuals in Kansas and the income tax on non-wage business income for small businesses was eliminated. During the 2013 Session, NFIB is supporting various measures which will continue to reduce the tax burden on small business income.
  • Paycheck Protection: Small business owners were aghast to learn that the state and local governments were serving as the collection agent for union political activities. NFIB fought for a bill which would prohibit units of government from auto-deducting union PAC dues from public employees' payrolls. 
  • Unemployment Insurance: NFIB pushed for a bill that would stabilize the state's Employment Security Trust Fund. Among many things, the new law will crack down on fraudulent unemployment claims and reduces the number of benefit weeks based on the level of statewide unemployment in Kansas.
  • Workers Compensation: NFIB won passage of a bill which makes positive changes to the KS work comp system, including a limitation on the number of days an injured employee may take before reporting an injury.  The bill also improves the worker’s compensation and unemployment adjudication system. 
  • Prevailing Wage & Local Employer Mandates: NFIB fought for a bill which renders existing local prevailing wage requirements—ordinances which require contractors and subcontractors to pay workers a minimum wage based on the local "prevailing wage." However, these wages rarely resemble local market conditions because they are based on union recommendations.  Further, the bill voids and prohibits future adoption of ordinances which mandate employers provide paid sick leave and vacation days. 
  • Won a Seat on the Governor’s Work Comp/UI Nominating Committee: Small business now has a seat on the committee which nominates judges who adjudicate worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance claims. Previously, the committee only consisted of a representative from the Kansas Chamber and the Kansas AFL/CIO. NFIB joins this committee to represent the important interests of small business owners.
  • Health Care: Endorsed a bill which will allow insurance companies to sell “mandate-lite” plans. These plans, offered in the individual and small group market, will allow consumers to tailor their health insurance benefits to their needs and should give consumers more and cheaper options.

Updated June 19, 2013

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