NFIB/Arkansas Legislative Victories

Date: August 25, 2015

Passed Legislation that Saves the Arkansas Unemployment System $50,000,000 Per Year   
HB1489 reduced the maximum period a person can be on unemployment from 25 weeks to 20 weeks, and lowered the average weekly benefit payments. These changes will lower the cost of unemployment insurance for business owners. 

Passed the Property Owners’ Bill of Rights
HB1908 enables property owners to receive court costs and attorney’s fees when they have to sue the government in eminent domain actions, if the government’s initial purchase offer undervalued the property by 20% or more.

Supported Legislation that Ended Lawsuit Lending
Frivolous lawsuits cost all of us money in increased insurance premiums, and ridiculous legal fees. SB882 will reduce lawsuits in Arkansas by pulling the plug on the outside funding that enables them. 

Defeated the Bill that Would Have Created an Earned Income Tax Credit 
NFIB successfully opposed HB1344 the so-called “earned income tax credit.” This scheme taxes small business owners, and gives the money as a tax refund to people who often do not pay into the tax system.

Prevented the Creation of a Vehicle Miles Driven Tax
NFIB worked to defeat HB1716, which would have created a tax of 1.5 cents for each mile driven in Arkansas. The tax would have been collected by installing a tracking device in Arkansas vehicles. 

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