NFIB v. State of Washington

Date: August 11, 2011

Supreme Court for the State of Washington VICTORY!

NFIB filed suit in the Supreme Court for Washington after the legislature passed a bill that removed the 2/3 majority requirement for tax increases which allowed the legislature to institute a new death tax.  The NFIB petition challenges the legality of the bill because there seem to be several major flaws in the way the bill was drafted that leave it questionable as to whether it was legal and whether the tax increases passed were also legal as a result. NFIB has asked the court to accept a voter referendum on the legislature's overhaul of voter-approved tax-and-spending limits.

Status:  DECIDED.  NFIB brief filed on 05/13/05. Ruling in favor of NFIB on 03/17/06. 

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