NFIB Legal Foundation Offers Useful Legal Guides for Members

Author: Megan R Stell Date: April 14, 2008

NFIBlogo140.gifWith more than 75,000 pages of rules to keep track of, it's not surprising that many small-business owners don't know or understand the laws that apply to them. In its role as educator, the NFIB Legal Foundation continues to develop useful legal guides to help small-business owners navigate the increasingly complicated maze of federal laws and regulations. Additional information on the legal guides is found below; each of these guides is available as a benefit of membership for NFIB members.

A Small-Business Owner's Rights During a Union Organizing Campaign: Small-business owners who face union organizing campaigns may experience enormous anxiety and even find that operations slow to a standstill. Use this guide from the NFIB Legal Foundation to know your rights and responsibilities during a union organizing campaign. Cost: $12.95; no charge to NFIB members.

Wage and Hour Guide for Small Business: This handbook gives employers the nuts and bolts behind the Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal wage and hour law. It includes information on the new minimum wage law that went into effect in July 2007. Cost: $12.95; no charge to NFIB members.

Model Employee Handbook for Small Business: This handbook is intended to assist you in creating your own custom employee handbook. The actual policies and procedures of your business may vary due to the size of the company, the number of employees, benefits offered and other factors. So the handbook is intentionally broad, and should be modified and supplemented to accurately reflect your company's individual needs. Available as a PDF (704 KB) or a Word doc (165 KB). Cost: $40; no charge to NFIB members.

Small-Business Guide to Document Retention: This guide will help small-business owners develop a policy for saving and discarding documents -- including e-mail and Web pages -- that are received and created in the ordinary course of business. The handbook includes a model policy. Cost: $40; no charge to NFIB members.

Small-Business Guide to Handling OSHA Inspections: This guide can help small businesses prepare for OSHA inspections and avoid citations, with information about communicating and negotiating with OSHA and the type of information business owners will need for their inspections. Cost: $40; no charge to NFIB members.

Federal Employment Law Handbook: This handbook is a resource to help small-business owners handle many potential employment law situations; it also contains free forms and posters. Cost: Free.

Helpful Tips for Hiring a Lawyer: This pamphlet provides practical advice on hiring an attorney and controlling legal costs. Cost: Free.

None of these guides should be considered a substitute for legal advice. Members can access these guides at

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