Issues NFIB/Tennessee Will Be Facing in 2014

Date: May 13, 2013

Here’s a look at some issues NFIB/Tennessee will be facing in the 2014 legislative session:

  • Tax reform: NFIB continues to advocate strongly for legislation that would enable taxpayers under audit to appeal to a tax tribunal independent from the Department of Revenue. With your help, we hope this bill will pass soon. Lawmakers are also expected to continue discussing a reduction in the franchise and excise and professional privilege taxes.
  • Workers' compensation reform: NFIB will continue to monitor the implementation of the new law, with an immediate eye to rules and regulations that will be issued the next year.
  • Healthcare reform: As the nation continues to adjust to uncertainties and burdens imposed by Obamacare, Tennessee will be making decisions on healthcare issues impacting our members. NFIB will remain vigilant in protecting our members from further excessive costs related to healthcare.
  • Monitor and improve the budget process: ?Our members believe government should be run with discipline like most entrepreneurs manage their operations. We will ?continue to protect small businesses from harmful tax proposals and to encourage government leaders to reduce unnecessary spending. Our members believe all substantive tax proposals must be debated openly through the normal legislative process, not through end-of-session “technical ?corrections” bills that resemble Washington-style legislation.
  • Tort reform: NFIB is working with other business interests to regulate the “lawsuit lending” industry, also known as litigation financing. Next year, we expect legislation that will enact reasonable regulations to protect consumers and limit speculative lawsuits.



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