How to Use ‘Groupon Now’ Deals

Author: C. Curley Date: July 21, 2011

Learn about Groupon NowIn many cases, Groupon has brought customers to many small businesses by offering deep daily discounts on local businesses’ products and services. Groupon Now is a new service from Groupon that allows someone to type in their location to see what deals in their area are currently “on.” The customer must redeem the Groupon Now promotion within a specified time—usually by the end of the day.

We talked with a small business owner who’s using Groupon Now to boost business:

How It Compares to a Regular Groupon Deal

“[Groupon Now] requires more proactive behavior from the customer because they’re a bit pigeon-holed given the time constraints,” says Stacey Howland, owner of Aspire Pilates and Wellness LLC, a Pilates studio in Chicago. Regular Groupons usually give customers around a year to redeem the deal, but the Groupon Now deals typically have a one-day limit. Howland recently offered a deal of $10 for $17 Pilates class at her studio.

However, Howland says that Groupon Now is incredibly easy for the small business owner to set up. You talk to a sales rep over the phone, who helps you decide on the discount to offer.  After that first time, if you decide to run a deal again, you can set it up online by yourself in less than two minutes. “It’s real quick and easy,” Howland says.

Is Groupon Now Right for You?

Howland says doing a Groupon Now promotion is great for a small business that isn’t sure whether or not it can manage the potential large influx of business that a daily Groupon might bring. Given the time constraints, a Groupon Now deal can provide a “more manageable steady flow of business,” she says, rather than a hoard of customers at once. “It is a more even flow of traffic since the business has the administrative control of what deals run and when to make changes,” Howland says.

The Benefits for Your Business

Howland says she’s been using Groupon Now for about a month, and though she admits that she hasn’t had many redemptions yet, she still thinks that, like the daily Groupon deals, it’s great for brand awareness and helps attract new customers. And she’s confident that once people gain more awareness about Groupon Now, it will prove popular with customers.

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