How to Use Graphics to Increase Conversions

Author: L. Schlereth Date: August 02, 2011

It’s no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s no surprise that graphics can increase sales on your website.

If you need to boost business, an inexpensive, efficient way of increasing conversions—when a visitor to your site becomes a customer—is by changing photos and icons on your company website.

Here’s why: 

They give customers something to relate to.

“The general benefit is that people who see graphics can instantly relate,” says Perry Rosenbloom, CEO of SEO Sherpas, an SEO consulting company based in Louisville, Co. “Images of people helps other people to recognize themselves in that moment.”

For example, when Rosenbloom was working on a website that sold itineraries to Glacier National Park, he posted a photograph of someone looking out onto a glacier on the call to action page. After posting it, he saw a 25 percent increase in the conversion rate. Rosenbloom recommends this technique to any business that is trying to sell experiences, such as travel or spa services.

They provide a pleasing design aesthetic and keep the reader’s attention.

Images are a great way to grab the reader’s attention and keep them on the page. “People read only between 7 and 25 percent of the words on a website,” says Ryan Evans, president of Rand Media Group, an online marketing company in Chicago. “They scan pages for images, graphs and other visual data.”

Rosenbloom thinks photos are generally more aesthetically pleasing and engaging than icons. But he warns that if you use too many photos, it can make the web page look too heavy. An icon can be a great, simple way to break up text without overloading the reader visually. “The last thing someone wants to see is blocks and blocks of text,” Rosenbloom says.

They bring more attention to your call to action.

Graphics help visitors navigate your site. They draw attention to your call to action button, where they can buy a product or contact you. “A website should never make anyone click more than three times to get to what they’re looking for, and an image is a clear way for a user to find what they seek,” says Evans. Customers are more likely to click text if it’s adjacent to an image, Rosenbloom says.

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