How Small Business Can Use Technology To Succeed

Date: May 01, 2014

Technology Can Add To Your Bottom Line If Deployed Wisely

Small business owners know technology is critical to their bottom line, but 63 percent report feeling overwhelmed by technological options, according to Brother International Corp. and SCORE. Conducting an annual assessment and planning around a few key questions can simplify technology choices and help your business get ahead. Several media outlets recently examined the use of technology, and reported the following advice for small business owners.

Is Technology Meeting My Company’s Goals And Budget?

Before choosing to adopt a new technology, consider prioritizing what is best aligned with the company’s goals and budget, say experts. If compatibility is a goal, consider technology acquisitions that will work well with the products you already utilize. If mobility is a priority, check to see what apps can be utilized across devices. On the other hand, if you consider building an app for customers, make sure that investment will be appreciated and used by your target client base.

How Important Is Online Media?

Your website allows you to tell your customers what your business does and how you can help them. Web design tools can help you create the site, but crafting the message is key. Make sure to clearly list basic facts about your company and how you can help solve a customer’s problem. Social media allows businesses to craft specific messages to target customer groups. Ninety percent of text messages are opened, providing a great medium to send deals or coupons to motivate customers who may be nearby your store.

How Can I Protect Customer Data?

Tyler Cohen Wood, cyber branch chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency, suggests employers monitor what applications their employees download, especially on devices that are utilized for both personal and work needs. Wood notes that exposing a non-secure client list on a phone “could sink a business.”

Further Reading:

For more tips on technology planning for small business owners, see the following recent advice from experts: Newsday, “Small Business: Making the right technology choices”; the Washington Post, “The small business guide to success”; the Washington Post, “How to collect, analyze and protect your company’s data”; the Washington Post, “How to invest your digital advertising dollars”; the Washington Post,”How your company can carve out space on your customers’ phones”; and the Houston Chronicle, “Small-business Q&A: Websites are key to online marketing.”

Meanwhile, NFIB recently provided advice to small business owners on dealing with the “Heartbleed” bug, and the site has other information on technology solutions, including computers, data security, and mobile technology.

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