Health Issues

Author: David clough Date: March 04, 2011


Health Insurance
We will be following and weighing in on various proposals affecting health insurance.
Benefit Mandates
The volume of proposals to mandate payment for a particular disease, condition, or healthcare provider is down sharply. Nevertheless, we will be opposing measures such as coverage of infertility treatment (LD 720).
Purchase Across State Lines
We will be supporting legislation that allows for the purchase of health insurance from outside the state. This issue in the past has been defeated along party lines, but the new political power change suggests it a majority of legislators may support it along party lines.
Dirigo Health
We will be supporting elimination of Dirigo, something that is contained in the Governor’s proposed biennial state budget. Elimination of Dirigo will also mean elimination of the tax on healthcare claims that policyholders ultimately pay through higher premium costs. Dirigo began in the early years of the Baldacci administration as an experiment in what could work but today it stands as an example of an over-hyped program that did not work as promised.
Implementation of Federal Healthcare Reform
We plan to be involved in deliberations over what actions should be taken at the state level regarding implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Earlier this year we supported Maine’s involvement in the lawsuit against the individual mandate. With backing from Governor LePage, Attorney General Bill Schneider added Maine to the list of 25 other states that are suing to challenge the unprecedented mandate. (Never before has Congress required private citizens to purchase a consumer product.) NFIB is the only business group that is a party of the lawsuit.

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