Happy New Year, NFIB Members!

Date: February 13, 2014

I am proud and excited to be your new Leadership Council Chair in California and look forward to meeting many of you at our meetings and events this year.  Since first joining this organization, I have seen some real victories including regulatory reform, stemming the tide of frivolous ADA and Prop 65 lawsuits and major repeals and delays to Obamacare – all thanks to NFIB. .  We still face significant challenges going forward and need to continue to keep our eyes and ears open in both Sacramento and in Washington, and in our own local communities.

NFIB/California is privileged to have a terrific full-time staff in Sacramento.  Our team works very hard at making us aware of important issues, and providing us with opportunities to speak out on behalf of small business.  My own personal experience proves that when we do speak, we can make things happen.  More importantly, sometimes we can prevent things from happening that would have serious negative impacts for us.

If you are new to NFIB, you will discover a wealth of resources.  Our affiliates include services that are first rate, that care about our success, and that understand the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis.  I hope you will explore some or all of them.

I believe our most important function is small-business advocacy, and that our NFIB brand can command respect from our elected officials at all levels of government.  With the support of our Sacramento team, I encourage you to get involved, speak out, tell your story to the people we’ve elected, and to the agencies they’ve created. 

During the year we will have opportunities to hear directly from our legislators, ask the hard questions, and thank those who’ve supported us.  I urge all who can to take part in our NFIB/CA Day at the Capitol in Sacramento on April 8th.  This is a tremendous opportunity to meet with legislators in their offices and talk about our challenges.  The formal program that day is always informative, with speakers and panels directly involved with the biggest issues.  Last year’s panel on Obamacare gave us a preview of the challenges that we’ve been following and trying to deal with ever since the official rollout in October. Stay tuned for more information, but save the date. This is something you won’t want to miss.

Now, enough from me. What are YOU hearing out there? What issues or policies are affecting YOUR small business – and what can NFIB do about them? Your team in Sacramento wants to know.

Let us know what’s on your mind, what you need or how you want to be more involved by contacting John Kabateck, your CA Executive Director, directly at 916-956-9027 or

 Thanks, and have a blessed and prosperous 2014!

Ann Kinner, NFIB/CA Leadership Council Chair

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