Gas Prices in California Are Going Up!!!

Author: Michelle Orrock Date: August 19, 2014

California‚Äôs Cap and trade program was approved by legislators eight years ago when they enacted Assembly Bill 32 (2006).  Its purpose is to cap the level of greenhouse gasses released by large companies, and fine those who exceed their allowed levels. However, the California Air Resources Board wants to also subject vehicle tailpipe emissions to cap and trade, which will result in increased costs to gas wholesalers, who will then pass them on to drivers.

This will affect every small business and family in California at a time when we can least afford it!

Can you afford an increase in fuel costs?  Can your suppliers?  At some point the costs will be passed on to small businesses and consumers!

Increasing transportation fuel costs on families and businesses without having a full and thorough analysis of the impact of those cost increases is not only unfair, but puts our fragile economy at risk.

NFIB: The Voice of Free Enterprise is starting a campaign to bring this critical issue to small businesses around the state.

Share your story of how increased fuel prices will affect your business by calling 916-448-9904.

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