Victories From The 69th Colorado General Assembly

Date: May 19, 2014

2013/2014 session wins for small business

The 69th Colorado General Assembly adjourned May 7, 2014. Below are some big victories for small business during the two-year session.

Won a Business Personal Property Tax Credit
NFIB helped pass legislation allowing small businesses with less than $15,000 dollars to claim a refundable tax credit when they file their current year tax return for the amount of BPPT paid. The BPPT is a tax NFIB has fought for more than 20 years to eliminate. The average tax credit will be approximately $400 for the small-business owner. 

Protected Small Business From Unfair Liability
NFIB supported and passed legislation prohibiting unfair liability in contracts. Businesses such as delivery services were forced to assume liability for any occurrences causing damage to the property whether through the fault of the delivery driver or not. Colorado was one of six states allowing this practice.  Many delivery services were unable to obtain liability coverage because of the Colorado law. 

Secured Employer Protection From Lawsuits
NFIB led the fight for legislation that clarifies an employer is not liable when a lessee, sublessee, contractor, or subcontractor, or their employee, is injured while not on theemployer's premises, saving business owners millions of dollars in claims and potential lawsuits. 

Preserved Self-Insurance Option
NFIB helped protected the ability of small-business owners choosing to self-insure for their employees health-care coverage. This will help employers continue to provide affordable health coverage solutions for their employees.

Stopped Paid Sick Leave
NFIB lobbying was key to opposing a state-run, paid-sick-leave program that would have required employers to collect premiums from all employees and forward to the State Treasurer. This legislation would have been an unfunded mandate on small-business owners. Heavy lobbying by NFIB, especially in the Senate Appropriations Committee, led to the bill sponsor withdrawing this legislation.

Defeated Prohibition Against Credit Reports in Hiring Decisions
NFIB was instrumental in preventing the Legislature from passing a bill prohibiting the use of a credit report in making a hiring decision. 

Killed Opporunities to Make False Wage Claims
NFIB lobbying prevented the Legislature from creating new opportunities for employees to file false claims for wages owed, saving business owners $25,000 to $30,000 in defending themselves against such charges.

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