From the 2013 New Mexico Legislative Session

Author: Tony Malandra Date: June 12, 2013

Killed plan to have minimum-wage increases tied to the state constitution
Helped defeat a proposal again this year that would have forced the state’s minimum wage to increase annually based on the rate of inflation. NFIB worked diligently to kill a proposal having voters choose to attach minimum wage rates to the Consumer Price Index.

Pushed fraud fighting unemployment insurance legislation
Secured legislation to battle fraudulent unemployment claims and payments. NFIB stepped in to bridge a rift between legislators and the Department of Workforce Solutions, which guaranteed successful bi-partisan support. This new law allows the state to aggressively prevent fraudulent claims and seek financial restitution from offenders. Fraud has taken a significant bite out of the fund, and this new law stops the bleeding and prevents future problems.

Supported workers’ compensation reform
NFIB  supported a new law on the books  that strengthens provisions of the Workers’ Compensation  Act, providing relief  and clarity  to employers. Some major provisions raising the minimum threshold for mandatory safety visits and  clarifying compensation benefits to beneficiaries and replacing the Safety and Fraud Division in the Worker’s Compensation Administration with an enforcement bureau.

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