For the 2015 Session of the Legislature

Author: Tony Malandra Date: June 13, 2013

Limit excessive regulations
Excessive regulations can mean the death of a small business by needing to comply with sometimes thousands of regulations than are enacted without meaningful cost/benefit analysis. Government often doesn’t know the cost of complying with all sorts of regulations, whether related to environmental, transportation, or labor concerns.

Ensure that state surplus is not wasted on limitless new government programs
NFIB is closely monitoring how surplus is going to be invested to ensure for North Dakota’s future as an economic prosperous state where small businesses can thrive. NFIB is fighting for tax relief and state investments that will help grow the economy.

Fight for small business property rights
NFIB is fighting to ensure that private property rights are respected. Eminent domain laws must be used sparingly - only in rare instances where the public good outweighs the rights of a property owner.

Doubling the vendor allowance
As a way of reimbursing them for expenses in collecting taxes for the state, current law allows retailers to retain 1.5 percent of sales tax revenue they collect up to a maximum of $110. This compensation, however, is nowhere near the real time and effort that goes into it. At a minimum, NFIB supports doubling that allowance to 3 percent ($170). Businesses acting as the state’s tax collector have a right to adequate and fair compensation.


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