For the 2014 Legislative Session

Author: Tony Malandra Date: December 12, 2012

Holding the line on a state-level, minimum-wage increase
Now that Albuquerque and Santa Fe both have minimum wages above both the state and federal level, it will be critical to not let this trend go statewide. NFIB/New Mexico will continue to work to stop legislation raising the wage uniformly across the state. We also are looking to find a path to roll back local control on raising the minimum wage.

Working to cut spending before raising taxes
NFIB will continue to be a voice for New Mexico to focus on solving the problem of better money management instead of simply collecting more.

Protecting the right to be self-employed
NFIB will continue its opposition to efforts to limit the rights of independent contractors.

Promoting a sensible and transparent regulatory environment
How laws are interpreted and how compliance works can make the difference in the success of a small business. NFIB consistently pushes for measures that will keep regulations appropriate and dealing with regulators fair and above board.

Working for a two-thirds-vote requirement for the Legislature to raise taxes
NFIB/New Mexico will continue its push for legislative reform that requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate and House to pass tax increases. Small businesses have always asked for a measure of certainty in both taxes and regulations before they decide to create a new job or expand their enterprises.

Promoting sound fiscal, employment, and environmental policies
Whether the new or returning challenges are dealing with the economy, healthcare, the environment, taxes, or regulations, NFIB will make sure small business' voice gets heard.

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