For the 2014 Legislative Session

Author: Tony Malandra Date: June 13, 2013

Modify a Hawaii law that allows for personal liability for business owners
Hawaii law allows for personal liability for business owners when companies fail to timely file and pay excise tax returns, even if a company is a corporation or limited liability company. NFIB/Hawaii will continue to seek a modification of this law by educating lawmakers about the negative impact of holding business owners personally liable for excise taxes of a corporation or limited liability companies. 

Continue to hold back proposed state excise tax increases
The state no longer has a projected shortfall, but the economic climate that remains is still tenuous, coming out of a prolonged downturn. NFIB/Hawaii will continue to advocate against increases in the state’s general excise tax rate.
Reform workers' compensation rule on employee dispute of doctor's findings
Reduced workers' compensations benefits must now be extended for employees who dispute a doctor's finding that they are ready to return to work. Hawaii’s extension of workers' compensation benefits to workers who dispute a doctor's approval to return to work continues to place additional burdens and costs on workers' compensation insurance providers.

Continue fight on sick leave legislation that creates additional burdens on employers
The Hawaii Legislature has consistently proposed limiting an employer’s right to write his or her own leave policies. NFIB/Hawaii educates legislators about the detrimental effects on the economy when employers are charged with the burden of expanding leave and paid sick time as part of government mandates.

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