For the 2014 Legislative Session

Author: Tony Malandra Date: June 12, 2013

Keeping Wyoming tax rates one of the lowest in the nation
We will continue our opposition to any and all tax increases in the next session. Low taxes mean more prosperity for everybody, which leads to the revenue government needs to do its job. The American Legislative Exchange Council and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council give Wyoming generally high marks, but the former, along with the Tax Foundation and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, did have some concerns with state levies.

Defeating efforts to expand workers’ compensation coverage
Adding difficult-to-measure mental health components opens the system up to long and costly trials, which serve no one but lawyers. We will oppose all efforts expand coverage under the workers’ compensation system.

Stopping attempts to raise workers’ compensation premiums
Some advocates for raising workers’ compensation premiums argue that the state needs to replenish the Wyoming workers’ compensation fund because it lost $100 million. But that amount represents only a tenth of its billion-dollar reserve. Any increase would be unjustified and counterproductive to a healthy economy.


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