Entrepreneurs Lose the Icon of Our Generation

Author: James Meyers Date: October 07, 2011

With the passing of Steve Jobs, small business owners and entrepreneurs have lost not only one of our own but without a doubt one of the greatest small business success stories of the past century. 
Starting out in a garage, Jobs built products and companies whose success is unparalled. Apple recently passed Exxon as the most valuable company in America, and his vision to create and market products like the MacIntosh, IMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad puts him in the company of other iconic entrepreneurs like Edison, Ford, Walton and Kroc. 
Like most small business owners, Jobs began with few financial resources and an incredible vision, belief and determination to make a difference in the world. Through his early years, he suffered through failures and enjoyed successes but always stayed focused on his vision and beliefs, which resulted not only in the success of Apple but also revolutionized the animation industry with his vision for Pixar. 
His entrepreneurial successes have created jobs, income, wealth and enjoyment for thousands and millions of people worldwide. He is an incredible reminder that small businesses and entrepreneurs—not governments—create jobs, wealth and employment.
Most of us, probably none of us, will ever change the world the way that Jobs did. But as small business owners we fight every day to make our own visions successful. Many of us are just as passionate, just as driven and just as proud of the small businesses that we have created. We know how hard the struggle is every day, particularly with the economic and political forces working against us. But like Steve Jobs, we’ll never give up, we’ll never waiver from our belief that we can make a difference, and we’ll never let anyone tells us we can’t be successful.
Steve Jobs was one of us. We’ll miss him.

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