Consensus on Immigration Reform is Brewing

Date: January 09, 2014

Taking citizenship off the table could be pivotal

Some advocates of immigration reform are beginning to support granting undocumented immigrants legal status, while not making citizenship part of the legalization process. Both President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have signaled a willingness to compromise on the issue. Latinos continue to favor reform that provides a path to citizenship, but a majority said that the ability to work in the US without fear of deportation was more important in a Pew Research Center poll. That may provide the key political opening for a bill to move this year – a bill that provides those in the US illegally the right to work but not the right to vote.

What it means for business owners:

If it passes, immigration reform legislation potentially enables small businesses to hire and retain workers without fear of turnover from immigration enforcement proceedings.

What to expect:

Democrats and Republicans speculate that Boehner will wait until the filing deadlines for the 2014 midterm elections to introduce immigration legislation, to protect colleagues from Tea Party or other challengers.

Further reading:

For more information on the possibility of immigration reform in 2014, see the AP, McClatchy, ABC’s This Week, US News & World Report, New York Times, and Bloomberg News.

This news article is intended to keep small business owners apprised of current events that may affect them. It does not necessarily reflect NFIB’s policy position on such issues.

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