Committee Approves Small Business Regulatory Relief Legislation

Date: August 17, 2011

The Small Business Regulatory Relief Act has been approved by the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economy and Small Business by a 12-2 bi-partisan vote.  Assembly Bill 70/Senate Bill 47, key small business proposals strongly backed by NFIB/Wisconsin, require state agencies to forward all rules that may have an impact on small business to the Small Business Regulatory Board, which will review the rules to measure their impact on the small business community.


According to the Chair of the Committee, Representative Mary Williams, “Job creators need to know what to expect.  Creating a more collaborative regulatory process will provide certainty in our economy.  Small business oversight will help create reasonable and commonsense regulations that help, not harm, our economy.”


NFIB’s State Director, Bill G. Smith, told committee members one in in five small business owners believe the cost of regulations has caused them to eliminate jobs, or forced them to postpone the growth or expansion of their business.


Representative Williams, an NFIB member from Medford, expects the bill to be up for a vote in the full Assembly in the near future.

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