Challenges in the 2014 Legislative Session

Author: Tony Malandra Date: November 18, 2013

Blocking tax increases
Despite NFIB blocking the $275 million tax increase represented in House Bill 2456, the "Grand Bargain" to trade PERS reform for tax increases is currently backed by heavy lobby efforts on the part of the governor. NFIB will continue to promote tax reductions for small business while blocking planned increases.

Stopping mandatory paid sick leave
After NFIB defeated House Bill 3390, mandated paid sick leave will be back with a vengeance. This is a job-killing,
economy-restricting cost to small businesses. NFIB Oregon will continue our vigilant fight to stop mandated paid
sick leave in Oregon.

Preventing Mandated State Retirement Plan for the Private Sector
The passage of House Bill 3436 created a task force to study retirement savings of individuals and private sector employees. The end game of this union-supported legislation is to create mandatory employer participation in a state-run retirement plan for private-sector employees. This would ultimately create a PERS for the private sector with all administrative costs and burdens to be borne by small businesses.

Defeating the attempt to redefine the terms “wage,” “employ,” “employer” and “employee”
A proposed expanded definition of “employer” to include “ . . . any other person acting directly or indirectly in the
interest of an employer in relation to an employee” would create significant legal liability for employers while
dangerously undermining Oregon’s independent contractor classification. NFIB strongly opposes these efforts that
would promote increased lawsuits against small businesses.

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