Challenges Facing NFIB in the General Assembly

Date: June 12, 2014

Here's a look at some of the challenges NFIB/Kentucky will face in the General Assembly:

Defeat Any Attempt to Extend the Saels Tax to Labor and Services

Governor Beshear continues to push his plan to place a tax on services. Taxing labor disproportionately impacts small businesses who must hire out services such as a CPA, insurance and maintenance. 

Stop Costly Insurance Mandates

We will fight to stop efforts to require small businesses to cover additional conditions and treatments. Such mandates may be well intentioned, but they drive up the cost of health insurance and make it harder for small employers to afford even basic medical coverage. 

Continue to Fight for the Sole Proprietor 

Unions and those who think the little guy don’t pay their appropriate level of taxes will always attempt to remove the 1099 status of an individual and force expensive filing for LLC or sub chapter S to operate–even without employees. Entrepreneurs do not need to be burdened with unnecessary tax structures that do not fit their business needs.

Push to Eliminate Funding of the Labor Cabinet from the Workers' Comp Special Fund

Created in 1996 as part of the workers' compensation reforms of then-Gov. Paul Patton, the Special Fund was designed to pay off claims under the old system through an assessment on workers' comp policy premiums. However, a small line in the statute allowed the Labor Cabinet to siphon off a portion of the funds for their daily operations. Over the years, this misdirection has escalated to the point that they are taking 45% of every dollar paid in by employers. NFIB will fight to end this diversion of funds.

Create Drug-Free Workplace Program

NFIB is championing a program that will educate employees about the dangers of addiction. If it is found that an employee's intoxication or drug use has caused an accident, the employee would receive no worker's comp benefits and would not be eligible for unemployment if terminated.

PHOTO: Kittugwiki/Wikimedia Commons

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