Challenges Facing NFIB/Kansas in 2014

Author: Todd Pack Date: June 19, 2013

  • Legal Reform: NFIB/Kansas will continue to fight for common-sense legal reform which reduces frivolous lawsuits and small business liability. 
  • Retail sales tax: Retailers should be compensated for service as the state's tax collector, so NFIB/Kansas will continue to fight for a law that would allow small retailers to retain a percentage of tax they collect on behalf of the state. 
  • Tax on services: NFIB/Kansas will continue to oppose efforts to impose a sales tax on professional services.  Such a tax would mean additional costs and paperwork for accountants, engineers, Web designers and other service providers. It also would increase the costs for businesses that use such services.
  • Transportation utility fees: Some cities have imposed a transportation utility fee to help cover the cost of building and maintaining roads. NFIB/Kansas will continue to oppose these taxes on the grounds that businesses shouldn't be penalized for bringing customers to a community and that local governments should learn to live within their means.

Updated June 19, 2013

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