Bi-Weekly Pay Update

Date: February 19, 2014

NFIB has endorsed legislation to streamline the process for employers to pay their workers on a bi-weekly basis. After the Assembly enacted legislation to permit bi-weekly pay in 2013, the Department of Labor and Training promulgated burdensome regulations that greatly limited the number of firms seeking to change their payment systems.


House Bill No. 7232 would guarantee that the intent of the legislature as understood at the time of the passage of the so-called bi-weekly pay law is implemented. House 7232 simply says that an employer need not be required to re-certify its eligibility to pay his or her employees on a bi-weekly basis if that employer continues to pay workers timely and the employer is not in violation of state labor laws. House 7232 will continue to move Rhode Island along the path of a fairer and more business friendly regulatory environment so that all the advantages of the bi-weekly pay law – reduction in administrative costs for employers, a level playing field with competitors in other states, and the implementation of wage payment practices that are customary in other states to ease the expansion and movement of firms to Rhode Island – can be realized.  

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