Date: July 20, 2012

Here's a look at some of the issues NFIB/Missouri will be facing in the 2013 legislative session:

  • Minimum Wage: It is very likely that an initiative will be on the ballot to raise the minimum wage one dollar
  • Second Injury Fund: The overwhelming majority of NFIB/MO members haven’t had a workers’ comp claim in at least two years. So, when a proposal was floated that would have raised the rate you pay into the fund, NFIB said, “no”. The fund is broke, but NFIB opposes efforts to fund it on the backs of small businesses.  NFIB supports legislation that would eliminate the fund and use the existing 3% to pay down the non-work related claims.  The work related claims should be moved into the regular workers’ comp system.
  • Unemployment Trust Fund: Missouri has borrowed over $800 million from the federal government to cover unemployment claims. The federal government will want their money back. How we structure that repayment will be very important to Missouri employers. There are no easy answers to this one.
  • Reduce Business Taxes: A bill passed the House this year that would have given comprehensive tax cuts for all businesses whether they were incorporated or not. This is a real economic development bill and NFIB will be working hard for its passage next session.

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