Small Business Victories in North Carolina

Date: September 18, 2012

 Here's a look at some of the issues we'll be facing in the 2013 General Assembly:

  • Unemployment Insurance Reform: North Carolina has the 4th largest UI debt in the nation -- more than $2.8 billion. Who will the repayment of this debt fall on?  Small business, because the unemployment insurance program is only funded through employers.  NFIB is working with a large business coalition to find a solution to this huge burden on the members.
  • Tax Reform: The No. 1 priority of the 2013 session of the General Assembly will be reforming, rewriting and updating the tax code in the state. NFIB is involved with assisting with drafting legislation which will protect the small business sector from being harmed by major reform. 
  • Union Activity: North Carolina’s right-to-work status is always under attack, and NFIB is leading the fight to make sure that the state remains a right-to-work state.  It is crucial to the entire business community in the state to make sure businesses continue to fight against any increased union activity in the state.
  • Public Employee Pension Reform: With the growing number of public employee retirements and the strain on the pension system, NFIB is working with the members to help create a strategy to protect the public pension system but at the same time lessening the burden through the possibility of creating a defined contribution plan for new public employees. This issue is crucial for the future of the pension burden on taxpayers and businesses.
  • Taxpayer Bill of Rights: A Taxpayer Bill of Rights has been an issue NFIB members has supported for a long time. Small businesses believe that the state must limit annual increases in state spending to allow for inflation plus population growth. With the past few years of high state deficits, members continue to support operating the government like they operate their business. It’s not the revenue, it’s the spending. The state should not spend more than it collects in taxes.

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