Challenges Facing NFIB/North Carolina

Date: August 25, 2015

Reinstate the state tax deduction on first $50,000 income

  • After the repeal of the 2011 law on no state taxes paid on first $50,000 of income was repealed, NFIB is working hard to save small businesses up to $1500 per year not earning over $250,000

Stall Minimum Wage Increase and Paid Sick Leave Proposals

  • Increased minimum wages and paid sick leave cause small business owners to cut jobs and reduce  employee work hours
  • NFIB continues to oppose any efforts to make changes to the minimum wage or paid sick leave

Unemployment Insurance Reform

  • Small Business will pay off the UI debt of $2.8 billion by the end of the summer 2015 saving hundreds of millions in taxpayer money.  This will help reduce the UI rate for small business by 2016
  • NFIB/North Carolina is working with large business coalitions to find a solution to this huge burden on small businesses
  • Working to require beneficiaries of unemployment to have 5 job searches per week instead of 2, decreasing the number of unemployed

Tax Reform

  • NFIB/North Carolina continues to work closely with drafting legislation to protect the small business sector from being harmed by major reform mainly by placing a sales tax on additional services in the state, making small business owners tax collectors for the state Department of Revenue

Stop Tax on Services Efforts

  • Continue to fight any proposals to place a sales tax on additional services.



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