3 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Date: February 15, 2013

Draw in new customers and increase sales by following these strategies from fellow small business owners.   

Videos are proven to enhance SEO and drive website traffic. For small businesses, videos can also help sell products and establish a solid consumer following. In fact, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchases, according to 2012 data from Internet Retailer.   

These three small business owners have used video to take the benefits one step further:

1. Explain Your Product

BFFL BagElizabeth Chabner Thompson, a physician from Scarsdale, N.Y., co-owns Bffl Co., a line of gift bags containing amenities for hospital patients. She started uploading videos to her website to help customers understand her product. "If you were to look at it on a flat screen without any interactive video, you may never understand what was in [a Bffl bag]," she says. "We figured the easiest way to fix that was to have an explanatory video that would go through why each component was necessary and how it was going to help [the patient]."

She says videos also simplify product pitches to retailers. "Instead of having to type a long email, you can get their attention with a video and tell your story. They’re more willing to watch that, and then they have a visual record of what you told them," she says.

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2. Develop a Series

Dublin MortgageVideos constitute an ongoing marketing process for Joe Parsons, a loan originator from Dublin, Calif., who has a series of videos that offer home-buying tips on his website. Twice a week, Parsons uploads a new video and emails the link to existing and prospective customers. Concise, two-and-a-half minute videos pique curiosity, leading to heightened email and phone traffic and a 40% increase in overall sales, Parsons says.

Even though the videos are brief, Parsons says that creating and posting them is a major time investment. One economical way to stay on top of the production is to shoot several videos in one day and post them periodically. "Half the battle is to be regular with updates so that people come to expect them,"” he says.

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3. Enhance Brand Awareness

Form PilatesSharing brief workout tutorials on YouTube and her website has created wider brand awareness than traditional workout DVDs for Lindsay Lopez, owner of Form Pilates studio in New York. "The biggest benefit of incorporating videos onto my website has been the increased brand awareness," she says. "Potential clients appreciate the clout that these videos generate. They can see that we are a reputable brand and a modern company, which is just what we want our vibe to be."

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