2015 Challenges in the Alaska State Legislature

Date: August 20, 2014

A look ahead at the small-business agenda

More issues are certain to surface before the 29th Alaska Legislature convenes in January, 2015, but five in particular already pose challenges to small business.

Pass workers’ compensation reform
NFIB will continue leading the fight for reforms to improve the financial condition of Alaska’s workers’ compensation program and ensure injured workers receive timely, effective treatment so they can return to work – without rate increases that punish small-business owners and their employees alike. Alaska can no longer afford to have the highest premiums in the nation.

Stop burdensome labor law proposals
NFIB will continue fighting against paid-sick and vacation-leave mandates, leave mandates for children’s school programs, and other costly labor regulations that interfere with a small-business owner’s ability ability to develop policies that work best for you and your employees, and still allow you to earn a fair profit.

Keep Felony theft level at $750
In 2014, NFIB agreed to a compromise increasing the felony theft level to $750. There is talk about raising it again in 2015 Any further increase will expose small businesses to higher levels of theft. NFIB will work to defeat this bad idea.

Smoking in the Workplace
The Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance is running a heavily financed campaign pointing out the dangers of smoking in the work place. That usually is followed by legislation, including hiring protections for employment applicants who are involved in activities enforcing the tobacco prohibitions.

Stop the shift of residential property taxes onto business property
We will continue to see attempts to shift the residential property tax burden onto businesses by increasing the residential property tax exemption. NFIB/Alaska continues fighting these proposals and suggests that less spending by local governments is a better solution.

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