2012 NFIB/Iowa Legislative Challenges

Author: Tony Malandra Date: August 02, 2011

The second half of the 84th Iowa General Assembly convenes for business January 2012. Below are some of the challenges NFIB/Iowa will be working on.

Red tape removal
Supported the numerous bills addressing Iowa’s over burdensome government regulations that place “red tape” on small-business owners. One of the most important, Senate File 471, stalled after passing both houses. NFIB will work to re-start its momentum.

Commercial property tax reform
Despite the consensus that small business is stifled by the weight of the third-highest commercial property taxes in the nation, no legislation was passed to address this priority concern. NFIB was vocal during negotiations to remedy the property tax structure in Iowa and will continue to fight until it is addressed.

Personal and corporate income tax reductions
NFIB  will continute to strongly advocated for a 20-percent cut in individual income tax  for all nine brackets. The last major across-the-board tax cut was in 1997. At 12 percent, Iowa's tax on large employers is the highest corporate rate in the nation and a hindrance to attracting job creators.

Small business protection from collective bargaining
NFIB will push for passage of House File 525, which will enact needed reforms in Iowa's collective bargaining law that would help control the cost of government. The bill would allow free agency, even in union shops, allow arbitrators to look at public and private salaries when determining wages and benefits in union negotiations and would require public employees pay at least $100 a month toward their health insurance - 84 percent now pay nothing.

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