Alabama Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/Alabama Legislative Victories
    Defeated state increase in minimum wage
    NFIB led the fight to stop a state specific minimum wage increase that would have made the AL minimum wage higher than the national minimum wage.
    ?Passed unemployment legislation that will save Alabama business owners $45 million
    NFIB passed unemployment legislation that will delay unemployment benefits by one week, saving Alabama business owners $45 million dollars over 4 years and keep the state unemployment fund solvent.
    Passed the 'Red Tape Reduction Act'
    Passed the “Red Tape Reduction Act” that will require state agencies to perform a financial impact study of a new rule or regulation on a small business before implementation. State agencies will also review rules and regulations every five years.
    Increased the deduction of health insurance to 200%
    Business owners and their employees in firms with fewer than 25 employees can now deduct 200 percent of their health insurance premiums off their state income taxes.
    Prevented local governments from mandating that business owners offer paid leave
    NFIB helped pass legislation that prohibits local government entities from mandating that businesses offer paid sick leave and vacation time.
    Stopped tax increases and health care mandates
    Defeated several new taxes, health care mandates, and the expansion of Medicaid saving business owners thousands of dollars a year.  
    Passed legislation that will allow business owners to raise up to $1 million a year to start a business
    The crowd funding legislation will allow business owners to use social media or other means to raise up to $1 million to start a business.

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