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    The 2015 legislative session ended with several pro-small business bills signed into law. No new taxes were passed and efforts to establish a state minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage were defeated in committee:

    HB 19 by Rep. Jack Williams (Birmingham)/SB 46 by Sen. Clyde Chambliss (Prattville)

    Revised unemployment compensation formula for calculating weekly benefits for part-time worker. Previously, you would lose your unemployment benefits if you earned more than $15 a week. Under the new law, you can earn up to one-third of your weekly benefit amount. The new law helps small business owners by reducing the number of people receiving unemployment benefits and making it less likely the Legislature will have to raise taxes to increase funding to the state Unemployment Trust Fund.

    HB 232 by Rep. Jack Williams (Birmingham)/SB 74 by Sen. Greg Albritton (Range)

    Doubling the amount from $3,000 to $6,000 for claims that can be taken to small claims court without an attorney. The amount had not increased since 1996. Eighty percent of NFIB/Alabama members voted to support this legislation on the 2014 State Ballot.

    SB 243 by Sen. Arthur Orr (Decatur)/Rep. Danny Garrett (Trussville)

    Replace the current Certificate of Good Standing with a Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Good Standing only applies to Business Privilege Tax and does not provide an accurate representation of the business standing with the Department of Revenue. The Certificate of Compliance would ensure taxpayers are in compliance with most taxes when dealing with financial transactions.

    HB 217 by Rep. Alan Boothe (Troy)/Sen. Clay Scofield (Guntersville)

    Increases the number of F4 farm tags a farmer can purchase for trucks over 42,001 pounds. The farmer will have a four-tag limit per person.

    SB 269 by Sen. Bill Holtzclaw (Madison)

    Veteran’s Preference Employment Policy Act provides an employer may have a voluntary veteran’s preference employment policy for hiring, promoting and retaining a veteran over another qualified applicant or employee.

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