NFIB: Winning Victories and Overcoming Challenges for Small Business


Won Court Challenges vs. Individual Healthcare Mandate
Major bi-partisan legal victory against the federal healthcare law NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center won in two separate federal court rooms.
The Supreme Court heard our case, NFIB v. Sebelius

Extended 2001 Tax Cuts Through 2012

  • Individual tax rates would have almost doubled from 15% to 28% for someone earning $50,000
  • Top two tax brackets would have increased to 36% & 39.6%
  • Capital gains taxes would have increased from 15% to at least 20%
  • In 2011, the estate (death) tax would have increased from 35% to 55% and the exemption dropped from $5 million to $1 million

Reduced IRS Reporting Requirements

Defeated Construction Healthcare Mandate

  • Saved an average of $5,046 per employee for contractors with 5 or more employees

Simplified Deduction of Cell Phones

  • Business owners can now deduct the full amount instead of having to itemize monthly bills

Helped Elect 25 NFIB Members to Congress

Put the Brakes on the Administration



Repeal New Federal Healthcare Law

  • NFIB was the only business organization to challenge the new healthcare law before the U.S. Supreme Court
  • New health insurance tax (HIT) would increase average family premiums by $500 per year and cost up to 250,000 jobs
  • The individual mandate provision would cost an individual an average of $5,046 per year

Healthcare Reform for Small Business

Small Business Tax Relief

Kill Burdensome IRS, EPA, DOT, DOL, NLRB & OSHA Regs

NFIB is also working to fight harmful regualtions through Small Business for Sensible Regulations, a national effort focused on protecting small businesses and American jobs from the impacts of regulations recently proposed by the Obama administration.