Government Regulation and Regulatory Reform

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Overzealous regulation is a perennial cause of concern for small business owners and is particularly burdensome when the nation’s economy teeters on the brink of disaster. Unfortunately, the regulatory burden on small business continues to grow. Congress must step in and curtail costly regulations, particularly those of such anti-small business arms of government as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Labor, which fail to fairly and effectively weigh the costs and benefits of excessive regulations to the American public.


NFIB’s Regulatory Reform Agenda »

The uncertainty caused by future regulation negatively affects a small business’s ability to plan for future growth. While regulation is necessary, it must be pragmatic and sensible. Agencies need to carefully analyze how their regulations affect small businesses. At the same time, federal regulators should work with small businesses to help ensure compliance with the spirit of the law, rather than aggressively impose fines and penalties for violations that result from confusion.


Regulations Impacting Small Business »

Small businesses are responsible for nearly two-thirds of job growth in this country, but their ability to move our economy forward has been dulled by the more than 3,000
regulations currently in the works.


Midnight Regulations »

With regulatory uncertainty such an important issue for small businesses, NFIB is highlighting “midnight regulations” – or those regulations issued late in the final year of a president’s term. Midnight regulations often represent poor public policy because they may not be fully analyzed for their economic impact, and in particular the impact on small businesses required by the Regulatory Flexibility Act. The consequences of poorly crafted rules can be devastating for small businesses because these companies typically lack staff dedicated solely to discovering new regulatory requirements, developing a plan to comply, and implementing that plan. This task often falls on the small business owner, which takes time away from his or her ability to operate and grow the business.


Regulatory Reform Legislation Supported by NFIB »

Small businesses are disproportionately impacted by federal regulations. Therefore, reforming the regulatory process is one of NFIB’s top legislative priorities. Federal agencies need to do a better job of analyzing the effect of their rules on small businesses and allow more opportunity for small business input. See the regulatory reform legislation that NFIB has supported in the 114th Congress.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) »

According to the SBA, compliance with environmental regulations costs small businesses 364% more than large firms. Since 2009, the EPA has tried to impose extremely costly rules that yield little incremental benefit over current standards. With the agency’s 2010 finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health, the agency has rapidly cranked out several regulatory proposals under its Clean Air Act authority. These regulations will unduly burden small business with rising energy and compliance costs.

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